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Growing pains holding you back?

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We specialize in painless solutions for businesses like yours.

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It's Pronounced EL-STEF-CO​

ERP: Is your business suffering from setbacks?

More Inventory & Stock Limitations

Outgrowing current inventory and manufacturing software systems?

More Manual Processing

Dealing with time-consuming manual sales and invoicing processes?

More Payment Collection Delays

Experiencing slow payments and overdue invoices from customers?

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Drowning in Payroll and HR?

More manual Processing

Inaccurate payments not complying to legislation, time consuming pay runs?

Too many pay slips

Cannot distribute pay slips in time?

More HR nightmares

Unable to update employee data, losing track of employee performance and goals?

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Atlassian: Unresolved issues and internal confusion?

More Collaboration Hurdles

Struggling to coordinate teams without a unified communication platform?

More Customer Support Issues

Cannot keep up with support tickets ? Customer SLA's breaching?

More manual reporting

Wasting time on creating reports manually due to the absence of integrated reporting tools?

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Elstefco is excited to announce a brand new campaign aimed at assisting businesses with their growth challenges. As part of this initiative, we are actively seeking out 10 businesses that could benefit from our support and expertise.

Our clients

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